Foster a Rescue

We can only rescue the amount of dogs that we have foster homes for so we are always looking for new foster homes. One of our strongest keys to success is our network of volunteers and foster homes. We are not a shelter, no do we have a facility in which to house our adoptable dogs; therefore, we rely heavily on volunteers who lovingly open their hearts and their homes offering temporary accommodations.

Once integrated into one of our foster homes, a dog that may have come to us frightened, timid, or emotionally scarred, will have time to heal their wounds and gain confidence in their relationship with others before they go on to their forever homes. We provide foster homes with all of the necessary supplies and needed vet care. Foster homes provide our dogs with housing, time to recover, guidance, training, exercise, love and companionship.

We work hard at finding the best possible home for each and every dog we take into rescue, which means we are advocates for the dog first. While some dogs stay in foster care for extended periods of time, and others are placed quickly, the average stay for a dog is about 6 to 8 weeks, depending on any medical conditions. This gives us the opportunity to complete our screening process with each interested family. 

If interested in our foster home program, please click on the link below to fill out an application. Once completed, please email back to us at

Foster Application

Please click on the download button below to complete the application. Once complete, save to your documents and email back to us. 

Foster Application (doc)